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The Selection Standard and Detail for Cosmetic box

 As we all know that the proportion of the cosmetic packaging market is growing. More and more cosmetic will need a gorgeous box to promote the enterprise image and to improve product class. Then how do we create the package, we will show you as below.

A personalized cosmetic box must have a good design. Before the design, you should consider what is the box shape, materials, which process, how the logo look like. You can search the website for cosmetics box series, we hope the products we made for other clients can bring you some good idea for your reference. Then you can contact our seles, tell us your idea and request. We can be customized according to your needs, and turn your good idea to be realty. 

Below is the details for the finished box.
First, whether the box smells.
Second, the surface of the box is clean and without any other miscellaneous points. 
Third, if the box is wrinkled and have a leak.
Fourth, the box need to be smooth corner, without gap.

Konwing the four details, then the packaging box is well checked quality. If you want to have a high quality box for your products, please don't feel free to choose Jasun Packaigng. We have strict quality assurance. 

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